An Arab state forcibly distributes “cigarettes” to its citizens as a ration

An Arab state forcibly distributes “cigarettes” to its citizens as a ration

An Arab state forcibly distributes “cigarettes” to its citizens as a ration

The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce on the decision raised controversy in circles, where imposed cigarettes on citizens in the ration. In this context, the MP for the "wisdom" Iraqi Ali al-Budeiri this decision as "strange heresy," stressing that it begins to collect signatures to hold the Minister of Commerce accountable. According to "Russia Today", citing Iraqi media, Al-Budairi said, "The move by the Ministry of Commerce to impose cigarettes brand" Sumer "of local production on citizens within the ration card and the price of 2500 dinars equivalent to two dollars, per cruise" 10 cans “Cigarettes are a strange and contradictory heresy that the government has inflicted upon itself.

He added: "It would have been better if the government had already been keen to support the local product, to work to add milk or table eggs or canned dates or other dozens of local goods instead of imposing poisons on the citizen." He continued: "It seems that the influential and corrupt did not suffice the death of Iraqis with booby-traps and" terrorist "Daesh, they invented the novelty of distributing poisons to them ration card, and we may hear in the future the distribution of drugs also in the event of receipt of the exclusive distribution also one of the corrupt influential." He stressed at the end of his statement that the parliament and in the previous session issued a decree banning smoking in government institutions and departments, while today the government comes to distribute cigarettes compulsory to citizens.


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