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Lebanon's anti-austerity protests enter fourth day

Lebanon's anti-austerity protests enter fourth day

Lebanon's anti-austerity protests enter fourth day

Demonstrators area unit complaining against dire economic conditions within the heavily indebted country.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Lebanon's streets on Sunday for a fourth day of anti-government protests that have semiconductor diode to the resignation of a Christian party from the govt.

Demonstrators, UN agency are on the streets since weekday, have pledged to continue march despite the resignations late on Saturday of 4 government members from the key party, Lebanese Forces.

Lebanese voters are plagued by tax hikes and dire economic conditions within the heavily indebted country.

Lebanon's debt stands at around $86bn - quite one hundred fifty % of gross domestic product, in line with the finance ministry.

The grievances and anger at the government's lack of solutions erupted into protests on weekday, sparked by hikes in taxes together with a planned $0.2 tax on calls via electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp.

"It is day four and protesters area unit back on the road. it isn't simply within the capital Beirut, however across the country. The message they [protesters] area unit giving is of defiance which they'll still demand the resignation of the govt," same Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr, coverage from Beirut.

"We need everyone to affix U.S.A. on Sunday and conjointly Monday to topple the govt," one protester same.

On Friday, Hariri gave a 72-hour point to his partners in government to agree on an answer to the country's economic woes while not imposing new taxes.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, whose movement is a component of the govt, warned on Saturday that a modification in government would solely worsen the case.

The army on Saturday known as on protesters to "express themselves peacefully while not harming public and personal property".

On Saturday evening, thousands were packed for a 3rd straight night into the national capital al-Solh sq. in central Beirut, despite security forces having used tear gas and water cannon to disperse similar crowds on a daily basis before.

Amnesty International same the protection forces' reaction was excessive, mentioning that the overwhelming majority of protesters were peaceful.

"The intention was clearly to forestall protesters gathering - in an exceedingly clear violation of the correct to peaceful assembly," it said.

Small teams of protesters have conjointly broken search fronts and blocked roads by burning tyres and alternative obstacles.

The Internal Security Forces same seventy arrests were created on weekday on accusations of felony and burning.

But all of these command at the most police barracks were free on Saturday, the National press agency (NNA) same.